Six Great Benefits of Cod Liver Oil


What if I told you there was a single supplement, no gimmicks, that would benefit your immune system, heart health, skin, eyes, brain function, and even reduce joint pain and inflammation?

You might be wondering where this new and almighty supplement came from. Well, it’s been here all along. In fact, it was discovered by the Norwegian Vikings in the 1700s and called the “Gold of the Ocean” due to its miraculous healing powers.

This “Gold of the Ocean” is COD LIVER OIL. Its popularity peaked between 1900 and 1950, but over time the pharmaceutical industry took over and processed it differently and it lost most of its medicinal powers.

Yet history has a way of repeating itself. In the natural healthcare industry, Cod Liver Oil is making a big come back, as are other old remedies like bone broth and collagen. Quality is king! My personal favorite high quality and trusted source of Cod Liver Oil is from Standard Process. This is the sole source I use in my clinical nutrition practice.

Cod Liver Oil is considered a “fish oil.” What makes it so unique is that it comes from the liver of the fish, not the flesh. Below are some of the highlights and benefits of Cod Liver Oil.

Heart Health: Evidence has shown that increasing your levels of omega-3 fatty acids helps reduce risk of heart attacks, strokes, and heart disease. These good fats are critical for every cell in your body. Fatty acids are used to build the wall or lipid layer around every cell. Providing it with protection and strength. Even the American Heart Association recommends fish oil for overall heart health.

Immune System: This is where Cod Liver Oil really stands above all other fish oils and has created its surge back into popularity. Cod Liver oil contains one of the most abundant sources of vitamin A. Known for its important role in helping maintain a strong immune system, vitamin A works as a natural anti-oxidant. The biggest challenge most of us have with vitamin A is finding a good source to get it naturally. Other good sources of vitamin A include beef liver- which not too many people are eating … at least not yet, carrots, and kale.


Eye Health: Fish oil supplements improve eye health and have especially been known for their effects on dry eye syndrome and their ability to promote macular health. Omega-3 fatty acids are crucial for maintaining good eye health, yet they are not made naturally by the body, so most eye doctors recommend supplementing with fish oils.

Brain Health: The benefit of fish oils on the brain is one of the primary reasons I recommend Cod Liver Oil to nearly all of my patients. Our brain is made up of roughly fifty percent fat. Half of this fat is DHA, which is the predominant structural fatty acid in the central nervous system. DHA is most notable for its role in neurodevelopment and its incredible impact on mild memory loss and depression. Cod Liver Oil stands out again here due to its naturally occurring source of DHA.

Joint Pain and Inflammation: This is where fish oils have earned their popularity. Omega-3s have powerful anti-inflammatory functions within the body. They help with exercise recovery, arthritis, joint pain, and everyday aches. One of the reasons I suggest almost all people use Cod Liver Oil is to help balance out the negative effects of the omega-6 fatty acids that we consume so much of. The omega 6’s are found in all processed foods, corn oils, soy oils, and the list goes on. These omega-6’s can cause broad daily inflammation in our bodies.

Skin Health: This may be the least known beneficial impact of cod liver oil. Fatty acids found in fish oils help hydrate your skin and ameliorate skin inflammation. Almost all skin conditions involve a lack of fatty acids and vitamin A. Again, this is where Cod Liver Oil stands out. Surprisingly it can also be used topically.

Some of you can remember your parents or grandparents passing cod liver oil out during cold and flu season by spoon. The good news is that it comes in capsules now! We carry a fresh stock at Balance Health Studio daily… come get yours!

Sowal Editor
Author: Sowal Editor